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Podcast: Eine Ressource sein statt eine Hürde

In dieser – diesmal deutschsprachigen – Folge des Unconditional Teaching Podcast sprechen wir über kleine, aber wirkungsvolle Lehrpraktiken, die dazu beitragen, dass Studierende uns als Ressource und nicht als Hürde wahrnehmen.

7 Oct 2021 | Tags: Podcasts, Teaching practices, Kollaborative Lehre, Vulnerability, Lehr-Lern-Beziehung

Podcast: Learning is social

In this episode we talk to Sophie Gigl and Benjamin Stuhr, who are students at Bielefeld university, about how online teaching has made meaningful learning much harder for them and what this tells us about teaching and learning in general.

8 Aug 2021 | Tags: Podcasts, Teaching practices, Analysis, Online Teaching, Distance teaching, Distance learning, Asynchronous teaching

Podcast: The Empathetic Online Classroom

In this episode Tyll talks about a five-day block seminar that he taught in July 2020 entitled “Owning Your Position: Critical Argumentation Skills for Scholars of Culture” in which he and the students created a very supportive, empathetic classroom atmosphere.

11 Feb 2021 | 1 comment | Tags: Podcasts, Teaching practices, Argumentation skills, Vulnerability, Student-teacher relationship, Social contract, Online teaching

Podcast: Teaching a Writers’ Room

In this episode Jessica and Tyll talk to Katharina about a five-day block seminar that she taught in February 2020 entitled “Confronting the Climate Crisis: A Writers’ Room for Cultural Scholars”.

27 Oct 2020 | Tags: Podcasts, Teaching practices, Teaching writing, Writers’ Room, Pomodoro Technique

Podcast: Writing in English Studies

In this episode, we discuss Tyll’s and Katharina’s recent book publication – Writing in English Studies: A Guide for Students in English Linguistics and Literature.

15 Jun 2020 | 5 comments | Tags: Teaching practices, Teaching writing, Podcasts

Podcast: The Ph.D. as traumatic experience

In this episode of the Unconditional Teaching Podcast, Tyll and I talk to Jessica about her experience of writing and defending her Ph.D. thesis and the severe strain it put on her mental health.

25 Mar 2020 | 1 comment | Tags: Podcasts, Mental health, Analysis, PhD, Trauma, Academic career path, Exams